Overview of the Company

Sabera Healthcare is more than a company; it is a DREAM, a HOPE, and a CHOICE! A vision of a stronger society with women as the drivers of change, strength, and power. Sabera, which was founded in 2021, is largely concerned with women’s hygiene and well-being. Our sole objective is to provide high-quality products and services in the focused area. 


In India, nearly 36 crore women out of the entire female population are between the ages of 15 and 50. 7 out of 10 women experience personal hygiene discomfort, amounting to nearly 25 crore people, with vaginal infection being the major cause of discomfort and distress. Vaginal infection, also known as vulvovaginitis, is an inflammation or infection of the vagina that can also affect the vulva, the exterior area of a woman’s genitals. Itching, discomfort, discharge, and odor are all symptoms of vaginitis. This infection has been scientifically linked to pelvic inflammatory disease, also known as PID, increased HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), infertility, and poor reproductive health outcomes during pregnancy. Read More..

Our Mission

To cultivate partnerships and build an accessible and well-connected bridge between our customers, as well as to provide new and innovative diagnostic solutions to vulnerable and underserved populations.

Our Vision

To maintain positive relationships, cultivate building and strengthening networks with our customers, and work towards bringing about unprecedented shifts in the healthcare industry.

Our Unparalleled Services

A commitment to positioning the patient at the center of all care decisions and addressing their needs, preferences, and concerns with empathy, understanding, compassion, and respect.

Our Investors

We aspire to exceed patient expectations, provide great care, and have a significant effect on the overall wellness and satisfaction of individuals and communities by embodying effective and innovative attributes. We proactively collaborate with investors through periodic communications, investor conferences, and transparent reporting systems, thus aiding in the development of a healthy investor relationship. We have a team of highly reputed and renowned investors that have been diligently supporting our endeavors and encouraging us to positively influence the communities we cater to.


These investors have demonstrated a strong track record, relevant expertise, and a clear vision for our company’s growth and have been the backbone of all our actions.