About us

“I’m interested in women’s health because I’m a woman.
I’d be a darn fool not to be on my own side.” 

– Maya Angelou

Sabera Healthcare is A DREAM, a HOPE, a CHOICE! Founded in 2021, we empower women’s hygiene and well-being. Our focus is on developing an innovative point of care (POC) device to detect inflammation-causing pathogens in intimate areas of reproductive-age women. Together, we envision a stronger society with women driving change and power. Founded and led by passionate women Tanisha Das and Tanya Das, with backgrounds in Public Health and Engineering, Sabera Healthcare emerged from their experiences living with women in Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, and Karnataka. The idea of the POC device developed from understanding the healthcare needs of tribal, rural, and urban women. The advancement and empowerment of these invincible women are central to our mission, strengthening their community through innovative solutions.

Our Team

Tanisha Das, the CEO, and founder, holds an MSC in Public Health and Nutrition. Her expertise in this field drives the company’s mission to promote health and well-being through innovative solutions. With a solid educational background, she makes informed decisions for program development and implementation.

Tanya Das is the Director of Sabera Healthcare, responsible for overseeing operations and driving strategic direction. With her leadership, Sabera Healthcare delivers high-quality healthcare services and fosters innovation. Tanya’s expertise ensures the company’s growth and success in providing exceptional healthcare solutions to clients.

Sparsh Patlan Chief Customer Officer (CCO). A seasoned urban design graduate fueled by an unwavering zeal for the social sector and seamless gender integration. Boasts an impressive portfolio of pioneering marketing endeavors and potent partnerships. Dedicated to orchestrating customer-centric design innovation while cultivating a symphony of creative thinking to empower communities and propel sustainable growth. A relentless advocate for making an indelible impact and championing social empowerment.

Dr Shachi Shrivastava MBBS,MD Pathology With an unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare and improving patient outcomes, Dr. Shachi Shrivastava brings a wealth of expertise and experience to our healthcare company. Her ability to interpret and communicate critical information provides vital insights into planning and informed decision-making.

Fathima Ashraf holds a master’s degree in microbiology. Her passion lies in unveiling the mysteries of the microscopic world.  With a combination of technical expertise, research acumen, and a passion for innovation, she makes a positive impact on the company’s growth and success.

Meet Ms. Susivadani, a Biotech Master’s grad with a strong background in biosensors research. Her passion for biosensors, along with her creative, persistent, and drive approach, makes her a great addition to the Sabera team.